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Can Facebook transform small businesses?

Can Facebook transform small businesses?

Can Facebook transform small businesses?All social media services have the amazing potential to drive the growth of small and medium business start-ups. There is one in particular, that puts a special emphasis on supporting local enterprises. In the last decade, we have witnessed the rise and boom of the facebook social network.

In an interview for CNN the director of policy for EMEA, Facebook Richard Allan explains all the pros and cons of using the platform resources to boost small businesses.

“Traditional businesses using our platform try to reach new customers, engage with them better, gain more orders and add more employees”, says Allan. Companies should use facebook to get their products to the global audience free of charge, easy and fast.

“This is much more than hitting the “Like” button. It is part of that of course, but they can also send status updates to their customers everyday – companies can get their customers to do their marketing for them, which is incredibly powerful”, explains the CEO.

In the past for a lot of small businesses technology used to be an obstacle rather than an ally. They couldn’t afford to build their own website; today they can set a facebook page for free. If you own small enterprise with a local service, even a few hundred fans on your page can make a huge difference to the way your business grows.

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